Gynaecologist & Endoscopic Surgeon



I had an internal ultrasound and would it sound weird if I said that things felt alot more uncomfortable afterwards like they had been jigged around? Since then I have felt more and more “stuck” if you know what I mean. My right side is where it is all occurring, bloating and pain that “catches”, and burns and often limits free movement. When I lie down on my back it is like something is pulling that area through my back and down into the mattress.

It is possible the ultrasound has moved the pelvic organs & caused the discomfort but I suspect you possibly have recurrent endometriosis & I have been pushing on the affected areas thus increasing the pain. The situation should resolve if that is the situation although you will be left possibly a baseline level of discomfort. I would wait & see how things work out but if the discomfort persists I would probably suggest another laparoscopy with the aim of excising all the endometriosis.