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After speaking to various people the subject of Synarel has arisen. On remembering from when I was going to have IVF I actually found Synarel in my medicine cabinet. I was told the advantage over surgery was that Synarel kills off ALL the endometriosis and after 6 months there would be no more pain and it would even get rid of the endometriosis that is supposedly blocking one tube. The only side affect from using Synarel was maybe a few hot flushes. I actually sounds too good to be true.


Would you be able to share your knowledge of Synarel and your view on Synarel versus surgery.

I think the answer is that it is too good to be true. There is absolutely no evidence that Synarel gets rid of endometriosis. It simply is a medical castration that results in withdrawal of the hormonal support for the endo. The endo then shrinks but is virtually guaranteed to return after. For this reason I almost never use it. The side effects can be significant. In the near future my web site will have some links to various places where you can research it a bit more.