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Myomas (fibroids) are an overgrowth of the uterine muscle.

They are extremely common and by the age of 40 some 30 to 40 % of women would be expected to have them. Most do not cause symptoms but they can result in problems with infertility, excessive blood loss, pain and feelings of pressure on the bladder, bowel and back.

They have a very low chance of becoming malignant and generally are not removed unless symptoms are experienced. If they do become a problem it is possible to shrink them temporarily with a number of drugs and then remove them.

It is possible to remove myomas less than 12 cm with laparoscopic techniques but fibroids larger than this may need open surgery. Newer techniques such as embolisation (blocking off the blood vessels that supply the fibroid) are just being introduced but are extremely painful and not suitable for everyone.


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